Sentence Examples

  • And God kept multiplying and multiplying 'em and feeding this whole field of people, like at a rock concert.
  • The electrochemical equivalent of any other substance, whether element or compound, may be found by multiplying its chemical equivalent by I 036X Io-5.
  • The rate at which energy is lost being proportional to the frequency, it is obvious that the loss at frequency ioo may be deduced from that at any other frequency n by simply multiplying by too n.
  • Their selection for a particular purpose depends upon some special quality which they possess; thus for brewing certain essentials are demanded as regards stability, clarification, taste and smell; whereas, in distilleries, the production of alcohol and a high multiplying power in the yeast are required.
  • The increased loading space required in the sheds is obtained by multiplying the number and the length of lines and platforms; sometimes also there are short sidings, cut into the platforms at right angles to the lines, in which wagons are placed by the aid of wagon turn-tables, and sometimes the wagons are dealt with on two floors, being raised or lowered bodily from the ground level by lifts.

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