Sentence Examples

  • On a long journey a horse should have occasional short drinks, and near the end a long drink with a slower rate of progression with the object of cooling off.
  • Now in order to [do] this, it appeared that in all the series the first term was x; that the second terms R- x 3 3x 3, 3x 3, &c., were in arithmetical progression; and consequently that the first two terms of all the series to be interpolated would be x-- 3, x- `3, x-- 3, &c.
  • If we wish the successive divisions of the scale to correspond to equal increments in the density of the corresponding liquids, then the volumes of the instrument, measured up to the successive divisions of the scale, must form a series in harmonical progression, the lengths of the divisions increasing as we go up the stem.
  • Every "line" of its build is designed and eminently adapted for rapid progression through the water; the muscles massed along the vertebral column are enormously developed, especially on the back and the sides of the tail, and impart to the body a certain rigidity which interferes with abruptly sideward motions of the fish.
  • A 7; and from this we easily pass to the general formula for the sum of a geometrical progression having a given number of terms.

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