Sentence Examples

  • Although, in general, he adhered to the evolution theory, he was a free lance in thought.
  • Among his essays may be mentioned The Evolution of Self-Consciousness and two articles published in 1871 on the Genesis of Species.
  • Hence the conception that law is of necessity a spontaneous birth, not the creation of any individual legislator; and hence the idea that it necessarily proceeds by a natural and logical process of evolution constituting its history.
  • Vico may have derived from Grotius the idea of natural law; but his discovery of the historic evolution of law was first suggested to him by his study of Roman law.
  • But he never investigated the question whether, since there is a law of progressive evolution in the history of different nations, separately examined, there may not likewise be another law ruling the general history of these nations, every one of which must have represented a new period, as it were, in the history of humanity at large.

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