Sentence Examples

  • She was not pretty, but it was obvious, even to Dean's untrained eye, that her attire, hair do, makeup and whole mien did not evolve from the poor side of the tracks.
  • Thereafter each accepted the emotional limits of their arrange­ment—it would never evolve to something like love or even affec­tion and surely not a long-term relationship.
  • Not that a posteriori is denied, or that idealism even in Hegel tries to evolve reality out of the philosopher's inner consciousness.
  • The British government did its best to help the Porte to evolve a compromise on the questions immediately at issue, and in March 1852 a firman was issued, which to Protestants and Mahommedans might well seem to have embodied a reasonable settlement.
  • If the current be so strong that new hydrogen and hydroxyl ions cannot be formed in time, other substances are liberated; in a solution of sulphuric acid a strong current will evolve sulphur dioxide, the more readily as the concentration of the solution is increased.

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