Sentence Examples

  • She paused at her door, reluctant to invade his privacy, but intrigued by what she might derive from his conversation.
  • She might derive some pleasure out of seeing him squirm under the thumb of one of his victims, but he was a good salesman and he deserved credit for that much.
  • It appears probable that there is a vascular connexion be- ` tween these and the male `/ / individuals, which thus derive their nutriment from the neuters.
  • Ionian culture and art, though little known in their earlier phases, derive their inspiration on the one side from those of the old Aegean (Minoan) civilization, on the other from the Oriental (mainly Assyrian) models which penetrated to the coast through the Hittite civilization of Asia Minor.
  • To derive the stellar velocity in the line of sight relative to the observer it was then necessary to assume that the normal wave-lengths of the stellar and terrestrial spectra are accurately known.

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