Sentence Examples

  • If you try to take it, your death will be the most horrible I devise yet.
  • Cromwell, who had no desire to exercise arbitrary power and whose main object therefore was to devise some constitutional limit to the authority which circumstances had placed in his hands, now accepted the written constitution drawn up by some of the officers, called the Instrument of Government, the earliest example of a "fixed government" based on "fundamentals," or constitutional guarantees, and the only example of it in English history.
  • (1) Almost every medium who has been prominently before the public has at some time or other been detected in fraud, or what cannot be distinguished from fraud except on some violently improbable hypothesis; and (2) although it is easy to devise experiments of various kinds which, by eliminating the necessity for continuous observation on the part of the investigator, would place certain phenomena above the suspicion of conjur 1 See, e.g., Report on Spiritualism of the Committee of the London Dialectical Society (1871), pp. 207, 367-369.
  • And this will go on as long as we have the free enterprise system, where markets reward those who devise solutions for, say, pollution abatement or alternative energy creation.
  • The little princess got up, rang for the maid, and hurriedly and merrily began to devise and carry out a plan of how Princess Mary should be dressed.

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