Sentence Examples

  • It forced him to forge ahead like some naive knight doing battle with a windmill to satisfy his curiosity and meet this fool who'd toss away a life with this woman for a few measly mil­lions.
  • 1684), a Parisian lawyer, and Louis de la Forge, a physician of Saumur.
  • The king was persuaded to forge one-fifth of his civil list, ministers and the higher civil servants were required to relinquish a portion of their meagre salaries, but, in spite of all, Sella had found himself in 1865 compelled to propose the most hated of fiscal burdensa grist tax on cereals.
  • As a member of the latter body he became chairman in January 1778 of the committee appointed to visit Washington at Valley Forge, and confer with him concerning the reorganization of the army.
  • Moreover, the ship's forge was ordered to be hoisted out of its temporary idleness in the hold; and, to accelerate the affair, the blacksmith was commanded to proceed at once to the forging of whatever iron contrivances might be needed.

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