Sentence Examples

  • The active contraction of muscular tissue has no counterpart in the plant.
  • This soil is spongy, and, undergoing alternate contraction and expansion from being alternately comparatively dry and saturated with moisture, allows the heavy blocks to slip down by their own weight into the valley, where they become piled up, the valley stream afterwards removing the soil from among and over them.
  • By contraction of the cnidoblast) or by internal pressure.
  • Every century; there is, however, now reason to think that the rate of contraction is by no means so rapid as this would indicate.
  • Treatment of disease was directed not to any special organ, nor to producing the crises and critical discharges of the Hippocratic school, but to correcting the morbid common condition or "community," relaxing the body if it was constricted, causing contraction if it was too lax, and in the "mixed state" acting according to the predominant condition.