Sentence Examples

  • Of the water received by Albert Nyanza annually (omitting the Victoria Nile from the calculation) between 50 and 60% is lost by evaporation, whilst 24,265,000,000 cubic metres are annually withdrawn by the Bahr-el-Jebel.
  • The Council accordingly listened to the accusations of Ferrar's chapter, and in 1552 he was summoned to London and imprisoned on a charge of praemunire incurred by omitting the king's authority in a commission which he issued for the visitation of his diocese.
  • The inference lies near at hand that both writers had access to the full collection of thirteen, not omitting the Pastorals.
  • According To The Gregorian Rule Of Intercalation, Therefore, Every Year Of Which The Number Is Divisible By Four Without A Remainder Is A Leap Year, Excepting The Centurial Years, Which Are Only Leap Years When Divisible By Four After Omitting The Two Ciphers.
  • His earliest teacher (omitting the legendary Scotchman Menzies) was the dyak, or clerk of the council, Nikita Zotov, subsequently the court fool, who taught his pupil to spell out the liturgical and devotional books on which the children of the tsar were generally brought up. After Zotov's departure on a diplomatic mission, in 1680, the lad had no regular tutor.

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