Sentence Examples

  • Craft gilds were already in existence, but these had no share in the government; for, though the Lubeck rule excluding craftsmen from the Rath did not obtain, they were excluded in practice.
  • Hence, excluding ao, we may, in partition notation, write down the fundamental solutions of the equation, viz.
  • Flaminius; Gaius); (b) by the enactment in the time of Gaius Gracchus excluding members of the senate from the equestrian centuries.
  • In the jury courts, the equites, thanks to Julius Caesar, already formed two-thirds of the judices; Augustus, by excluding the senators altogether, virtually gave them the sole control of the tribunals.
  • - Arachnida in which, excluding from consideration the eye-bearing prosthomere, the somites are primarily (that is to say, in the common Q FIG.

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