Sentence Examples

  • With renewed caution, the pair followed the chalk arrow, not the stones, expecting any minute to find someone barring their return.
  • Barring her door, she then crossed to the spare bedchamber.
  • He took the stairs three at a time and strode into the chambers, barring the door behind him.
  • Another defect in the evidence of coins is that, when one variety of the unit of weight was once fixed on for the coinage, there was (barring the depreciation) no departure from it, because of the need of a fixed value, and hence coins do not show the range and character of the real variations of units as do buildings, or vases, or the actual commercial weights.
  • From this central dominating peak it falls gently towards the west, and gradually subsides in long spurs, reaching to within a few miles of Kabul and barring the road from Kabul to Ghazni.