Sentence Examples

  • 3, The same, when disturbed by the entrance of the proboscis of the bee in the direction of the arrow; f, filament; c, connective; s, the obstructing half of the anther.
  • The mountains are of larger importance in obstructing and deflecting the course of the general winds.
  • The following examples of how land may be " injuriously affected," so as to give a right to compensation under the acts, may be given: - narrowing or obstructing a highway which is the nearest access to the lands in question; interference with a right of way; substantial interference with ancient lights; noise of children outside a board school.
  • A direct attack on the Danish lines failed, but later in the year Alfred saw a means of obstructing the river so as to prevent the egress of the Danish ships.
  • East of the White House and obstructing the view from it to the Capitol stands the oldest of the departmental buildings, the Treasury Building (architect, Robert Mills (1781-1855), then U.S. architect), an imposing edifice mainly of granite, 510 ft.