Sentence Examples

  • I made all of the gifts myself, excepting father's handkerchief.
  • Ventral view with the prosomatic appendages cut short excepting the chelicerae (I) whose sharp retroverts are seen.
  • The genital apertures are placed in the first somite following the prosoma, excepting where a praegenital somite, usually suppressed, is retained.
  • In living Arachnids, excepting the Pantopoda, it is either fused (with loss of its appendages) with the prosoma (Limulus, 1 Scorpio), after embryonic appearance, or is 1 Pocock suggests that the area marked vii.
  • The mouth lying far back, so that the basal segments of all the prosomatic appendages, excepting those of the 1st pair, are capable of acting as masticatory organs.

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