Sentence Examples

  • She hesitated only a moment longer before bolting and disappearing up a set of stairs.
  • The two first-named are trustworthy, but are evidently unsuitable for the greater portion of engineers' work, for which .riveting and bolting are the methods adopted.
  • This was stopped almost entirely by the Prussian artillery fire; but the news of its coming spread through the stragglers in the ravine south of the great road, and a wave of panic again swept through the mass, many thousands bolting right upon the front of their own batteries, thus masking their fire at the most critical moment, and something like a crisis in the battle arose.
  • For some purposes - making of gauzes, crapes, flour-bolting cloth and for what is termed " souples " - the silk is not scoured, and for silks to be dyed certain dark colours half-scouring is practised.
  • Or, I can cancel, and we can live out the—" "No, thanks," she said, standing and all but bolting out of his suite.