Sentence Examples

  • By that Act Kansas (which from 1854 to 1861 included a large part of Colorado) became, for almost a decade, the storm centre of national political passion, and her history of prime significance in the unfolding prologue of the Civil War.
  • Robinet thus laid the foundation of that view of the world as wholly vital, and as a progressive unfolding of a spiritual formative principle, which was afterwards worked out by Schelling.
  • The abundance of waterconducting channels is in relation to the need for a large and rapid supply of water to the unfolding leaves in the spring and early summer.
  • The subjects of didactic epics were very numerous; they seem to have depended on the special knowledge possessed by the writers, who used verse as a form for unfolding their information.
  • In The Far West, However, A Little Group Of Adventurous Fur Traders, Of Whom Sir Alexander Mackenzie, David Thompson, Alexander Henry And Daniel Williams Harmon May Be Taken As Conspicuous Types, Were Unfolding The Vast Expanse Of The Future Dominion.

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