10th Grade Grammar: Key Skills and Concepts

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Updated November 18, 2020
10th grade student in grammar class
    10th grade grammar student class
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High school sophomores will rely heavily on the grammar skills they developed in previous grades. The focus of grammar topics for grade 10 really revolves around applying the rules of grammar in writing, both for English class assignments and in other subjects. Discover what to expect with regards to studying and applying 10th grade grammar in school.

Produce Writing for a Variety of Purposes

Tenth grade grammar topics focus primarily on applying the rules of grammar, literacy and language usage skills in a variety of writing assignments.


Critique Works of Literature

During sophomore year in high school, students will use their grammar and writing skills to analyze, critique and interpret grade-level appropriate literature.

Convey Complex Information in Writing

In tenth grade, students will be expected to clearly explain complex information from an objective, fact-based perspective in a formal writing style.

  • Properly introduce and cohesively develop a topic with proper organization and transitions.
  • Support information with details, definitions, facts, quotes and examples appropriate for the intended audience.
  • Appropriately structure and format the document, including headings and appropriate graphics (as needed).

Write Arguments to Support Claims

Tenth graders will also be expected to write argumentative position papers in which they make a claim and support it by providing evidence and sound arguments.

  • Objectively and precisely state claims clearly using a formal writing style.
  • Establish clear arguments for claims based on reason and evidence.
  • Form a strong conclusion that logically follows from arguments raised.

Craft Works of Writing in a Narrative Style

In 10th grade grammar, students will also be expected to apply their knowledge of grammar to narrative writing.


10th Grade Grammar Topics

Tenth grade grammar builds on core requirements started in 9th grade grammar. Tenth graders will be required to complete many writing assignments, each of which will require the application of grammar conventions and proper language usage. Some assignments will focus on works that can be created in a single setting. Longer assignments will require synthesis of research and planning, as well as writing drafts and making revisions before producing a final product. To further explore expectations for 10th grade English students, review the most common SAT words.