Sentence Examples

  • It is usual to subtract these resistances from the observed pull, so as to obtain the draw-bar pull reduced to what it would be at a uniform speed on the level.
  • If now it is required to find the heat of formation of the compound CO, which cannot be directly ascertained, we have merely to subtract the second equation from the first, each symbol representing constant intrinsic energy, and thus we obtain C+0 - 00= 26300 cal., or C+0=C0+26300 cal., that is, the heat of formation of a gramme-molecule of carbon monoxide is 26300 cal.
  • 1 And The Actual Forms For The First Three Weights Are 1 Aobzo, (Ao B 1 A 1 B O) Bo, (A O B 2 A 1 2 0 Bo, Ao(B2, 3 A1B2 A2B1 A O (B L B 2 3B O B 3) A I (B 2 1 2B 0 B 2); Amongst These Forms Are Included All The Asyzygetic Forms Of Degrees 1, 1, Multiplied By Bo, And Also All The Perpetuants Of The Second Binary Form Multiplied By Ao; Hence We Have To Subtract From The 2 Generating Function 1Z And 1 Z Z2, And Obtain The Generating Function Of Perpetuants Of Degrees I, 2.
  • Thus by adding 2 to aN we can subtract N from aN+2, obtaining 2000-0000, which is =2.
  • For the retarded stream the only difference is that we must subtract R from at, and that the limits of x are o and +h.

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