Sentence Examples

  • The reading (2) is then the required co-ordinate in x and that of (3) is the required co-ordinate in y; or, if the plate is reversed, 180°, these readings have to be subtracted from 10.0008.
  • Thus, if x= horned and y = sheep, then the successive acts of election represented by x and y, if performed on unity, give the whole of the class horned sheep. Boole showed that elective symbols of this kind obey the same primary laws of combination as algebraical symbols, whence it followed that they could be added, subtracted, multiplied and even divided, almost exactly in the same manner as numbers.
  • While the persevering policy of the Capets, which aimed at reuniting the great fiefs, duchies, countships, baronies, &c., to the domain of the crown, gradually reconstructed for their benefit a territorial sovereignty over France, the institution of the appanage periodically subtracted large portions from it.
  • The actual strength of the field as modified by the magnetization of the wire; but if greater accuracy is desired, the value of H, (= NI) may be found by the help of du Bois's table and subtracted from Ho.
  • Thus 3 lb + 5 lb - 7 lb + 2 lb means that 5 lb is to be added to 3 lb, 7 lb subtracted from the result, and 2 lb added to the new result.

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