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  • In (iii.) of � 47, for instance, " -3a" does not mean that a is to be taken (-3.) times, but that a is to be taken 3 times, and the result treated as subtractive; i.e.-3a means -(3a), not (-3)a (cf.
  • The use of negative coefficients leads to a difference between arithmetical division and algebraical division (by a multinomial), in that the latter may give rise to a quotient containing subtractive terms. The most important case is division by a binomial, as illustrated by the following examples: - 2.10+1) 6.100+5.10+ 1(3.10+I 2.10+I) 6.100+I.10 - I (3.10 - I 6.100+3.10 6.100+3.10 2.10+ I - 2.10 - I 2.10 +I - 2.10 - I In (1) the division is both arithmetical and algebraical, while in (2) it is algebraical, the quotient for arithmetical division being 2.10+9.
  • Subtractive color mixing to reproduce the range of visible colors.
  • Subtractive hybridisation.
  • Subtractive method of tone forming.

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