Sentence Examples

  • The promise of the railways to give every purchaser of a ticket a rebate check until the question of the validity of the act should be decided by the courts was not satisfactory to the state authorities, who arrested a ticket agent of the Southern railway, convicted him of violating the law, and sentenced him to the chain-gang for thirty days.
  • A rebate of 3% is granted on imports from Great Britain.
  • During1812-1834a royalty of 121 cents was charged to raise funds for building canals (a rebate being granted in the last three years covering the entire amount of the royalty for these years).
  • The customs are of a protective character, while there is a rebate on goods from Great Britain and British possessions' (see below, History).
  • There is a rebate of 3% on most goods from the United Kingdom, machinery from Great Britain thus entering free.

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