Sentence Examples

  • The taper retards the motion of the water, which constantly decreases by overflow as it proceeds, whilst it continues to fill the feeder to the brim.
  • The points should begin to taper 3 in.
  • In width at its junction with the conductor, and it should taper gradually to the extremity, which should be i ft.
  • The depth of the small drain at the junction is made about as great as that of the main drain, and it gradually lessens towards the taper to 6 in.
  • On the Saturday night the ceremony consists of three items: (a) benediction over a cup of wine (common to many other Jewish functions); (b) benediction over a lighted taper, of which possibly the origin is utilitarian, as no light might be kindled on the Sabbath day, but the rite may be symbolical; and (c) benediction over a box of sweet-smelling spices.