Sentence Examples

  • It was formerly the custom to assign the invention of algebra to the Greeks, but since the decipherment of the Rhind papyrus by Eisenlohr this view has changed, for in this work there are distinct signs of an algebraic analysis.
  • Papyrus was cultivated and manufactured for writing material by the Arabs in Egypt down to the time when the growing industry of paper in the 8th and 9th centuries rendered it no longer a necessity.
  • PAPYRUS, the paper reed, the Cyperus Papyrus of Linnaeus, in ancient times widely cultivated in the Delta of Egypt, where it was used for various purposes, and especially as a writing material.
  • Guilandino's commentary on the chapters of Pliny relating to papyrus, Papyrus, hoc est commentarius, &c. (Venice, 1572); Montfaucon, " Dissertation sur la plante appellee Papyrus," in the Memoires de l'academie des inscriptions (1729), pp. 592-608; T.

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