Sentence Examples

  • Some of these gas credit cards include: Citgo MasterCard (4 percent cash rebate), ExxonMobil MasterCard (3 percent cash rebate), the Hess Visa Card (5 percent cash rebate) and the Shell MasterCard (5 percent cash rebate).
  • If you receive a notice from the rebate fulfillment center saying that your request was denied because your application was incorrectly submitted, resend a copy of your application with a letter demanding your rebate.
  • Your transaction is with the dealer, so the rebate should not be a factor in the price of your car.Once you've settled on a purchase price and talked about the rebate, you'll have to decide how you want to use it.
  • Cash Rebate: The Chase Freedom cards offer cash-back bonuses of $50 to $200 after initially using the card, plus up to five percent cash back on regular purchases and 10 percent back on qualifying online purchases.
  • A rebate of 3% is granted on imports from Great Britain.