Together Definition

In or into one gathering, group, mass, or place.
A reunion to bring the family together.
Webster's New World
In or into contact.
The cars crashed together. She mixed the chemicals together.
American Heritage
In or into contact, collision, union, etc. with each other.
The cars skidded together.
Webster's New World
With one another; in association or companionship.
To spend a week together.
Webster's New World
Considered collectively; added up.
Winning more than all the others together.
Webster's New World
Emotionally stable and effective in performance.
She's really together.
American Heritage
In the same place; with one another; not apart.
The family will be together for the holidays.
Webster's New World
Having fully developed one's abilities, ambitions, etc.; having an integrated personality.
Webster's New World
In tune with what is going on; hip.
American Heritage

(colloquial) Well organized, well developed.

He's really together.

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Origin of Together

  • From Late Middle English together, from earlier togedere, togadere, from Old English tōgædere (“together"), from Proto-Germanic *tō (“to") + Proto-Germanic *gadar (“together"), from Proto-Indo-European *gÊ·hedh- (“to keep"), equivalent to to- +"Ž gather. Cognate with Scots togiddir, thegither (“together"), Old Frisian togadera (“together"), Middle Dutch tegadere, tegader (“together"), Middle High German gater (“together"). Compare also Old English ætgædere (“together"), Old English Ä¡eador (“together"). More at gather.

    From Wiktionary

  • Middle English from Old English tōgædere ghedh- in Indo-European roots

    From American Heritage Dictionary of the English Language, 5th Edition

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