Sentence Examples

  • This type is occasionally found conjoined with the preceding; and various details common to both classes show that there was no great difference in time between them.
  • The most comprehensive view of Rosmini's philosophical standpoint is to be found in his Sistema filosofico, in which he set forth the conception of a complete encyclopaedia of the human knowable, synthetically conjoined, according to the order of ideas, in a perfectly harmonious whole.
  • Socrates and Callias, is their one form or essence only as conjoined with different matters, e.g.
  • The opposition so formed took the name of the " Conjoined Estates."
  • The headquarters of the conspirators was the bishop's palace near Vor Frue church, between which and the court messages were passing continually, and where the document to be adopted by the Conjoined Estates took its final shape.