Sentence Examples

  • 2-10, see above), and receive their lot conjointly at the camp at Shiloh.
  • The results were published in 1885 in his Uranometria Nova Oxoniensis, and their importance was recognized by the bestowal in 1886 upon him, conjointly with Professor Pickering, of the Royal Astronomical Society's gold medal.
  • 587 the river broke its banks, and the main stream took its present course, but new streams opened repeatedly to the south, until now the Adige and the Po form conjointly one delta.
  • The universities are maintained by the state and by their own ancient resources; while the higher special schools are maintained conjointly by the state, the province, the commune and (sometimes) the local chamber of commerce.
  • What were called " privileged delicts" were judged in the case of the clergy conjointly by the spiritual judge and the king's judge.

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