Sentence Examples

  • The government is vested in two legislative chambers, a senate or council of state (Stdnderat), and a national council (Nationalrat), constituting unitedly the federal assembly.
  • Coast, going southwards, are the Sofia and Mahajamba, falling into Mahajamba Bay, the Betsiboka with the Ikopa - the great drains of the northern central provinces, forming unitedly the second largest river of the island and falling into Bembatoka Bay - the Mahavary, Manambolo, Tsiribihina or Onimainty, the third largest river, with its tributaries the Kitsamby, Mahajilo and Mania, the Morondava, Mangoky, probably the largest river in the country, with its important tributaries the Matsiatra, Manantanana and Ranomaitso, the Fiherenana and Onilahy.

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