Sentence Examples

  • Both projects were prohibited by the emperor on the intervention of the legate.
  • In Novaya Zemlya and the Taimyr peninsula, it projects within the Arctic Circle as far as 77° 6' and 77° 40' N.
  • The mode of discipline practised by the pedantic and irritable old man who stood at the head of this institution was not at all to the young student's liking, and the impression made upon him stimulated him later on to work out his projects of school reform.
  • In appearance tsetse are somewhat narrow-bodied flies, with a prominent proboscis, which projects horizontally in front of the head, and with the wings in the resting position closed flat one over the other like the blades of a pair of scissors.
  • In the vibraculum the part representing the zooecium is relatively smaller, and the mandible has become the "seta," an elongated chitinous lash which projects far beyond the zooecial portion of the structure.

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