Sentence Examples

  • When heated or rubbed it emits a peculiar disagreeable odour.
  • At the summit are two deep craters, the southern of which emits steam.
  • The great plain in Sheng-king is in many parts swampy, and in the neighbourhood of the sea, where the soil emits a saline exudation such as is also common in the north of China, it is perfectly sterile.
  • He was distinguished as the discoverer of radioactivity, having found in 1896 that uranium at ordinary temperatures emits an invisible radiation which in many respects resembles Rntgen rays, and can affect a photographic plate after passing through thin plates of metal.
  • They consist of a so-called "frond" - a flattened green more or less oval structure which emits branches similar to itself from lateral pockets at or near the base.