Sentence Examples

  • He entered her room, emitting enough of his power to hide him from her senses.
  • T intervals, varying from a few weeks or months to a few years, has broken out into eruption, sometimes emitting only steam, ist and scoriae, but frequently also streams of lava.
  • Itura, for example, belonging to the former, has protrusible scent-emitting processes at the end of the abdomen; and Thyridia has scent-producing tufts of hair on the edge of the posterior-wing.
  • Firefly is a term popularly used for certain tropical American click-beetles (Pyrophorus), due to their power of emitting light.
  • Two of the five compartments into which it is divided by walls of deeply striated volcanic ash are constantly emitting steam, while a new vent displaying great activity has been opened at the base of the cone on the south side.

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