Sentence Examples

  • By Ethelred Emma had two sons, Edward the Confessor and the atheling Elfred (d.
  • By his wife Emma, daughter of Lothair, king of Italy, he left a son who succeeded him as Louis V.
  • It is strange to find thatwhether from policy or from affectionhe married King ~thelreds young widow Emma of Normandy, though she was somewhat older than himselfso that his son King Harthacnut and that sons successor Edward the Confessor, the heir of the line of Wessex, were half-brothers.
  • The crown was disputed between his two sons, the half-brothers Harold and Harthacnut; it was doubtful whether the birth of the elder prince was legitimate, and Queen Emma strove to get her own son Harthacnut preferred to him.
  • On Harthacnuts death he was succeeded not by any Danish prince but by his half-brother Edward, the elder son of ~thelred and Emma, whom he had entertained at his court, and Edward had apparently designated as his heir, for he had no Cnfessor.

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