Complete List of Books and Other Works by Jane Austen

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Updated May 15, 2020
Portrait of Jane Austen
    Portrait of Jane Austen
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While Jane Austen only published 4 novels during her lifetime, many have read and loved the collection of her thoughts she jotted down as a youth as well as her posthumously published and unfinished works. Learn about the entire collection of Jane Austen books and writings.

Published Books by Jane Austen

During her lifetime, Jane Austen published four books that readers today still read and love.

Sense & Sensibility

One of Austen’s most famous novels, Sense & Sensibility, was published in 1811. The first of her published works, Sense & Sensibility showcased the Dashwood sisters' loves and losses. This famous novel has not only been the inspiration for modern stories like Ordinary Girls by Blair Thornburgh, but it has had several film adaptations as well.


Pride & Prejudice

Published in 1813, Pride & Prejudice is a timeless love story of Elizabeth Bennet and Mr. Darcy. It also follows the secondary love story of Jane and Charles Bingley. Not only have modern adaptations added zombies, but the story itself has made its way into dozens screenplays and films.

John Sibbald reading Pride and Prejudice
    John Sibbald reading Pride and Prejudice
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Mansfield Park

In her 1814 novel, Mansfield Park, Jane Austen introduces you to the impoverished yet spunky Fanny Price. Misunderstanding and doomed love affairs lead to an interesting romantic web for Edmund Bertram and the Crawford siblings. The timelessness of Austen’s writing, along with the unique tales she weaves, has carried this book into the modern century.


The last book published (1815) before Austen's death, Emma, follows the story of Emma Woodhouse and her matchmaking antics that lead her to her true love for George Knightley. While filmmakers made Emma into several movies, the 1995 film Clueless offered a modern spin on this timeless tale.


Jane Austen Books Published After Her Death

Jane Austen was a prolific writer. While she saw the success of four of her works, two were published after her death: Persuasion and Northanger Abbey. Her final work, Sanditon, was never completed, and The Watsons was abandoned. Explore these unique works of fiction.


Dive into the love and loss of Anne Elliot in the novel Persuasion. Through a bit of bad advice, Anne pines away for a man who can never forget her cruel rejection. Published in 1817, this classic love story shows you the pain of a waiting heart.

Northanger Abbey

Published in 1817, Northanger Abbey was the final finished Jane Austen novel. This story follows the heroine Catherine Moreland and her bumpy romance with the charming Henry Tilney. Interestingly, Northanger Abbey was the first of Jane’s books, ready for publication in 1803.



Sanditon was the last of Jane Austen’s novels to be written, and Austen herself never finished it past chapter 11. It follows the story of Charlotte Heywood and her relationship with Sidney Parker. However, even with its unfinished form, the work has been adapted to film and miniseries.

The Watsons

Written around 1803, Austen abandoned the story The Watsons. A rough novel, the story doesn’t have clear divisions but follows the heroine, Emma, who lives with a wealthy aunt.

Jane Austen’s Juvenilia Stories

In addition to her published novels, Austen wrote a collection of stories in her youth. Explore the coming of age writing journey of this enigmatic author.

Jane Austen Novels
    Jane Austen Novels
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Lady Susan

A short novel Austen never intended for publication, Lady Susan follows the antics of the widowed Lady Susan Vernon. Austen wrote the story in an epistolary form, which was distinctly different from Austen’s later works.


Volume the First

Written by a teen Austen, Volume the First contains all of Austen's beginning stories and playlets. It includes distinction writings like Ode to Pity, The Mystery, and Detached Pieces. She also wrote the following amusing tales to entertain her family.

  • Frederic & Elfrida - a comedic short story of two cousins destined to marry
  • Jack and Alice - a short 11-chapter humorous love story
  • Edgar & Emma - a piece following the witty Emma and her hesitant hero Edgar
  • Henry and Eliza - a short novel dedicated to Austen’s brother and future love
  • Adventures of Mr. Harley - a short flash fiction for midshipmen
  • Sir William Montague - an overview of the character William Montague
  • Memories of Mr. Clifford - a short unfinished story about Mr. Clifford
  • The Beautiful Cassandra - a 12-chapter work with three characters
  • Amelia Webster - a short story written in epistolary form
  • The Visit - a two-act comedy story
  • The Three Sisters - a piece exploring the social realities of marriage for three sisters

Volume the Second

In addition to having three stories, Volume the Second featured snippets of letters Jane Austen wrote. The three stories include:

  • Love and Friendship - a romantic parody including turns of fortune for main character Marianne
  • Lesley Castle - an amusing comedy story developed through correspondence between young friends
  • The History of England - an illustrated story with watercolors by Jane Austen's sister

Volume the Third

The final volume of Austen’s juvenile writings is Volume the Third. Written when she was 16, this volume includes only two stories.

  • Catharine - (also called Kitty or the Bower) - a short story of an orphaned heroine raised by her aunt
  • Evelyn - an amusing and ridiculous story written about a place called Evelyn

The Appeal of Jane Austen

While more than 200 years have passed since her death, Jane Austen’s works remain popular and are reproduced in dozens of different versions. The humor and timelessness of her writing continues to wow readers young and old. Enjoy more classic novels by exploring 50 classic books for teens.