Sentence Examples

  • Before his mind had a chance to act, two yellow beams of a headlight broke around the curve of the roadway a half-mile below him and began a slow climb to where he stood.
  • The vehicle stopped, its high beams blinding him.
  • The massive halls were chilly, with ugly stone walls and wooden beams far above.
  • SPANDRIL, or Spandrel (formerly splaundrel, a word of unknown origin), in architecture, the space between any arch or curved brace and the level label, beams, &c., over the same.
  • A still duskier place is this, with such low ponderous beams above, and such old wrinkled planks beneath, that you would almost fancy you trod some old craft's cockpits, especially of such a howling night, when this corner-anchored old ark rocked so furiously.

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