Sentence Examples

  • Well, don't despair, help is at hand and we're not talking about microwave meals.
  • Finding snack foods that are convenient and healthy can be difficult, but popcorn is known for being a very healthy snack when it is prepared in the correct way - without many of the ingredients that are found in microwave popcorn.
  • While the principle is the same in all rice cookers, steaming the grains to a state where they offer a slight resistance to the bite, much like al dente pasta, the process is slightly different in electric and microwave models.
  • "Hottie" cooking a chicken in the microwave on the first season of Flavor of Love and then falling while walking into a winery with Andrew Firestone on Charm School. "12 Pack" and "Heat" for, well, being "12 Pack" and "Heat".
  • From rumors surrounding the safety of the device to the assertion that microwave ovens could replace conventional ovens entirely, middle ground has yet to be found in the sixty-plus years since the device was first invented.