Sentence Examples

  • Well, don't despair, help is at hand and we're not talking about microwave meals.
  • In this fast moving world with digital clocks contained in so many devices such as computers, mobile or cell phones, cars and vans, televisions, DVDs, video recorders and even microwave ovens, time is all around us.
  • Finding snack foods that are convenient and healthy can be difficult, but popcorn is known for being a very healthy snack when it is prepared in the correct way - without many of the ingredients that are found in microwave popcorn.
  • While the principle is the same in all rice cookers, steaming the grains to a state where they offer a slight resistance to the bite, much like al dente pasta, the process is slightly different in electric and microwave models.
  • Regardless of whether you enter the model number directly or opt to pull up all Panasonic microwave manual, you will have to agree to the company's terms and conditions of use before results will be provided to you.