Sentence Examples

  • Mill complains that his father often required more than could be expected of him, but his tasks were not so severe as to prevent him from growing up a healthy and high-spirited boy, though he was not constitutionally robust, and his pursuits were so different from those of other boys of the same age.
  • One of his first tasks was to send his treatise on the Subjection of Women (written 1861, published 1869, many editions) through the press.
  • As the pace of Internet technology's advance keeps quickening, it will not only reveal (and answer) latent desires we never knew we had, but it also will increasingly mean tasks that have been technically impossible will become possible.
  • I performed all the infrequent and minimal tasks of Econ Scrutiny and handled any direct contact with Daniel Brennan.
  • Thankfully, Janet arrived to take up the inside tasks of Bird Song.

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