Sentence Examples

  • That reputation could not possibly help Evelyn's standing in the clan either; the sooner the clan forgot the blemish of a friend, the sooner they'd accept Evelyn.
  • She was desperate to hide any blemish on her version of ancestor Annie Quincy's sainthood.
  • Podébrad's persecution of the newly-founded community of the Bohemian brethren is certainly a blemish on his career.
  • Might be allied to the god; in the latter case the victim had to be without blemish; (c) the age, colour or sex of the victim might differ according to the purpose of the sacrifice.
  • The Israelites were commanded to select on the tenth of Abib (Nisan) a he-lamb of the first year, without blemish, to kill it on the eve of the fourteenth and to sprinkle with its blood the lintel and sidepost of the doors of their dwellings so that the Lord should "pass over" them when he went forth to slay the first-born of the Egyptians.

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