Sentence Examples

  • As much as she ate, she didn't seem to dent the plate of food.
  • The consequences were the Belgian Revolution of 1830, The which ended in the intervention of the great powers, Belgian and the setting up, in 1831, of Belgium as an indepen- Revolu- dent kingdom.
  • She started to saw at them with the knife.  The wood was thick and wet.  She shifted closer, gasping when the root healed the cuts she'd just made.  Furious at the latest trick from the Immortal underworld, Katie sawed furiously at the root, until her arm ached.  She'd barely made a dent when she switched arms.
  • You can't track them, but I bet you could put a dent in one of them with your power.
  • Dent, and in creating for themselves an uncontrolled 1462- monarchical authority.

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