Sentence Examples

  • Dent by the movement of the index needle.
  • As much as she ate, she didn't seem to dent the plate of food.
  • Sometimes the well dent is visible, where once a spring oozed; now dry and tearless grass; or it was covered deep--not to be discovered till some late day--with a flat stone under the sod, when the last of the race departed.
  • The consequences were the Belgian Revolution of 1830, The which ended in the intervention of the great powers, Belgian and the setting up, in 1831, of Belgium as an indepen- Revolu- dent kingdom.
  • 14,758 Mont Maudit 14,669 Dent Blanche 14,318 Dome du Goiter 14,210 Grand Combin 14,164 Castor 13,879 Zinal Rothhorn 13,856 Alphubel 13,803 Grandes Jorasses� 13,797 Rimpfischhorn� 13,790 Strahlhorn .� 13,751 Dent d'Herens 13,715 Zermatt Breithorn� 13,685 Aiguille Verte .� 13,541 Ober Gabelhorn..