Sentence Examples

  • S, Optical section of part of thick-walled stereid of Phanerogam, with almost obliterated cavity and narrow slit-like oblique pits.
  • She won't be satisfied until I play something that makes her want to slit her wrists.
  • - There cyclosystems placed at can be no doubt that the forms comprised intervals on the in this order bear a close relationship to the branches, each with a Hydroidea, especially the sub-order Gymnocentral gastropore and blastea, with which they should perhaps be zone of slit-like dac classed in a natural classification.
  • Note thick walls and oblique slit-like pits with opposite inclination on the two sides of the cell seen in surface view.
  • 2) where the anterior margin of the nasal is concave, and schizorhinal where this posterior border of the outer nares is continued backwards into a slit which extends beyond the frontal processes of the premaxilla.

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