Sentence Examples

  • The determination of the motion in the aether, due to the action of a periodic force at a given point, is discussed in the article Diffraction Of Light (§ Ii).
  • Thus by equation (18) of § II of the article Diffraction Of Light, the secondary disturbance is expressed by D' - D n 2 Tsin sin (nt - kr) D 47rb2 r _ D' - D irTsin O sin (nt - kr) (3)1 The preceding investigation is based upon the assumption that in passing from one medium to another the rigidity of the aether does not change.
  • The actual calculation follows a similar course to that by which Huygens's conception of the resolution of a wave into components corresponding to the various parts of the wave-front is usually verified (see Diffraction Of Light).
  • Their absolute freedom from diffraction, the perfect control of the illumination and thickness of the lines, and the accuracy with which it will be possible to construct scales for zone observations will be important features of the new method.
  • The name of diffraction is given to all the modifications which the

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