Sentence Examples

  • From the measured distances of the diffraction bands the width of the slit may be easily deduced.
  • In 1799 he was induced by his fellow-student, Henry Brougham, to study the diffraction of light.
  • If the aperture be increased, not only is the total brightness over the focal plane increased with it, but there is also a concentration of the diffraction pattern.
  • This indefiniteness of images is sometimes said to be due to diffraction by the edge of the aperture, and proposals have even been made for curing it by causing the transition between the interrupted and transmitted parts of the primary wave to be less abrupt.
  • If the image of the line be =o, the intensity at any point E, n of the diffraction pattern may be represented by ?2a2t2 S A2f2 the same law as obtains for a luminous point when horizontal directions are alone considered.