Sentence Examples

  • Charles sign declarations yet more degrading, to the dis credit of his father and mother.
  • Uzel N (1897), in the thysanuran Campodea, and probably entirely dis appears, though J.
  • His dis again In- pleasure fell mainly on the archbishop and the earl vades of Norfolk, who had so long led the opposition.
  • Of liquid dis placed) when the surface of the liquid in which the hydrometer floats coincides with the lowest division of the scale, A the area of the transverse section of the stem, 1 the length of a scale division, n the number of divisions on the stem, and W the weight of the instrument.
  • It appears / that if the body be sightly dis turbed from a state of rotation about the principal axis of / greatest or least moment, the invariable cone will closely sur round this axis, which will therefore never deviate far - from the invariable line.