Sentence Examples

  • In this way it is only possible for diffracted rays to enter the objective.
  • 13, we suppose that a diffracting particle of such fineness is placed at 0 that the diffracted pencils of the 1st order make an angle w with the axis; the principal maximum of the Fraunhofer diffraction phenomena lies in F' 1; and the two diffraction maxima of the 1st order in P' and P' 1.
  • This can be done by cutting off the chief maximum and using only the diffracted spectra for producing the image.
  • The extremely small particles of dust (motes in a sunbeam) in the rays are made perceptible by the diffracted light, whilst by ordinary illumination they are invisible.
  • Consider now the light diffracted in a direction many times more oblique than any with which we should be concerned, were the whole aperture uninterrupted, and take first the effect of a single small aperture.

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