Sentence Examples

  • In this way it is only possible for diffracted rays to enter the objective.
  • Consider now the light diffracted in a direction many times more oblique than any with which we should be concerned, were the whole aperture uninterrupted, and take first the effect of a single small aperture.
  • 6), and the diffracted rays make an angle ¢ (upon the same side), the relative retardation from each element of width (a+d) to the next is (a+d) (sin 9 +sin op); and this is the quantity which is to be equated to mX.
  • For the alteration of wave-length entails, at the two limits of a diffracted wave-front, a relative retardation equal to mndX.
  • Hence, if a be the width of the diffracted beam, and do the angle through which the wave-front is turned, ado = dX, or dispersion = /a ..