Sentence Examples

  • The increase of the visceral dome, its spiral twisting, and the gradual closure of the space overhung by the mantle-skirt so as to v / FIG.
  • The method of this dorsal closure varies in different insects.
  • Graber has described a similar method of dorsal closure in the saw-fly Hylotoma.
  • A, pilidium larva anus by the closure in of nemertine; B, Asplanchnapus the middle of such a slitschematized; C, a ploimal rotifer; like blastopore opening D, trochosphaera female (schematized into a sack-like stomach from Semper); E, veliger larva of mol as is seen in the larvae lusc; F, trochophore larva of annelid.
  • A system of closure called the previous question.

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