Sentence Examples

  • There are two types of surgical repair for atrial septal defects: primary closure in which the opening is repaired with sutures alone if the defect is small; or secondary closure in which a patch closes the opening if the defect is large.
  • Nike Recycled Gym Sack II: Similar to Nike's Heritage Gymsack, this bag is also made with environmentally friendly materials, but this bag is slightly different in that it features a main compartment that also has a drawstring closure.
  • Closure devices cannot be used to treat all atrial septal defects, especially if the defect is large, if it is not centrally located within the atrial septum, or if there is not enough nearby tissue to adequately support the closure device.
  • B, Stage after closure of blastopore.
  • The method of this dorsal closure varies in different insects.