Sentence Examples

  • The staple crop is rice, which is grown on 77 per cent.
  • In the north the staple products for export are salt, grain, wool and cotton, in the south opium and cotton; while the imports consist of sugar, hardware and piece goods.
  • 8 I I 7 III 2.0 I 3 94 8 3 { 72 43 4 44 31 3 31 32 staple and the market price will be at once apparent.
  • Middling American cotton of " no staple," &c. Whether the purchaser of an option gains or loses depends upon the price that he has paid in relation to the gain, if any, that he makes out of his power.
  • The agriculturists and herdsmen who had been left in Palestine formed, as always, the staple population, and it is impossible to imagine either Judah or Israel as denuded of its inhabitants.