60+ Money Slang Words & Expressions

Updated December 1, 2020
money slang word examples
    money slang word examples
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Money makes the world go around — at least, that’s what some people say. Money slang words and sayings are commonly used in everyday language. Discover a selection of more than 60 slang words for money to use in your communication or writing.

Slang Words for Money

Many of the slang terms for money refer to actual physical money, though it can also be used to refer to the value that money provides to those who have it.

  • bank - slang for a lot of money
  • bankroll - a lot of paper money that is rolled up
  • beaucoup bucks - a large amount of money
  • Benjamin - hundred dollar bill with Benjamin Franklin’s face printed on it
  • bills - cash money, in the form of paper currency
  • bread - money represents a staple item (food) that everyone needs
  • brick - a stack of paper money packaged in shrink rap; usually a stack of $10,000
  • buck - slang for one dollar
  • cake - money represents a food treat that people tend to want
  • cash-in-hand - physical money that someone has in their possession
  • cheddar - another food reference for money; believed to relate to government cheese provided as aid to impoverished families
  • chips - term used for money; related to chips used to gamble in a casino
  • clams - slang for money linked to historical use of seashells as a form of currency
  • c-note - refers to a hundred dollar bill; the Roman numeral for 100 is C
  • coin - cash money; can refer to any money (metal coins or paper money)
  • cold hard cash - expression for physical money
  • cream - acronym for the expression cash rules everything around me
  • dead presidents - refers to paper money in U.S. currency; relates to images of presidents from long ago printed on money
  • dinero - actual word for money in the Spanish language; used as slang for money in other languages
  • dough - another food-related slang term for money; refers to a needed staple item
  • dub - slang for a twenty dollar bill; refers to the two in 20
  • fiver - a five dollar bill (or five pound note in the UK)
  • gold - refers to money (or its value) in any currency or language
  • grand - a thousand dollars (or pounds in the UK)
  • greenbacks - paper money; also refers to the color of money
  • green - paper money; refers to the color of paper money
  • hundie - slang for a hundred dollar bill
  • Jackson - a twenty dollar bill (Andrew Jackson’s image is printed on $20 bills)
  • knot - a roll of paper money
  • large - a thousand dollars (someone who has five large would have $5,000)
  • loot - a large amount of money
  • monkey - UK slang for 500 pounds; refers to the image of a monkey printed on India’s 500 rupee note
  • moolah - slang for money that has been used since the 1930s
  • notes - paper money of any denomination
  • paper - money bills of any kind; any cash that is not in coin form
  • payola - money received or paid as a kickback or bribe
  • plunder - money that has been stolen or obtained in an unethical or illegal manner
  • quid - British term for one pound or 100 pence
  • rock - refers to a million dollars
  • sawbuck - a ten dollar bill; refers to an X-shaped device similar in appearance to the Roman numeral for 10.
  • scratch - slang for paper or coin money; generally refers to small amounts
  • scrilla - refers to money; usually refers to a lot of money, but not a specific amount
  • simoleon - slang term for dollars; has been used since at least the 19th century
  • singles - individual one dollar bills of paper money
  • smacker - refers to a dollar or pound note
  • tenner - slang for a ten dollar bill (or ten pound note in the UK)
  • wad - refers to having a lot of paper money (used in the expression “wad of cash”)

Slang for Making or Saving Money

Some slang words and expressions for money refer to the act of making money or saving it.

  • big bucks - a lot of money, as in high wages or an investment that has paid off well
  • bring home the bacon - earning money to put food on the table
  • chump change - a small amount of money, often used in the negative (This job pays big bucks; it’s not just chump change.)
  • cutting corners - slang for saving money by reducing unnecessary spending
  • hand over fist - earning money very easily
  • lucre - slang for money that has been acquired in a manner that isn’t legal or ethical; ill-gotten gains (in the UK, the expression filthy lucre is used)
  • making a fortune - earning a large amount of money or profit from an investment
  • making a killing - earning a significant amount of money or profit
  • making a mint - earning a high rate of pay or making a large profit
  • making bank - bringing in a lot of money through a job or profit
  • making jack - earning a good amount of money
  • penny pinching - saving your money rather than spending it
  • rainy day - saving money to have access to funds during difficult times
  • rolling in money - the state of making or possessing a lot of money
  • squirrel away - to save money for the future
  • stackin’ loot - bringing in a significant amount of money
  • stash - money or other valuables that have been put away or stored; often refers to hidden money but can refer to money deposited in a bank
  • under the table - expression for compensation paid to someone for work performed, but not through appropriate channels, such as payroll or an independent contractor arrangement

Discover More Slang Words and Expressions

Many of the slang words and expressions related to money are so commonly used that people don’t even realize that they represent slang usage. The impact of slang on the English language is really fascinating. Now that you know dozens of slang terms and sayings for money, take the time to explore some more examples of slang words.