60+ Foods That Start With E (From Everyday to Exotic)

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Updated May 27, 2021
early girl tomatoes letter E food
    early girl tomatoes letter E food
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While only a few may come to mind right away, there are actually quite a few foods that start with “e.” Explore a selection of everyday main dishes and sides along with some exotic selections and, of course, some special treats to satisfy your sweet tooth.

Everyday Foods That Start With E

Whether you’re looking for basic meal staples for breakfast lunch or dinner or if you’re in search of ideas for dishes to pack for a picnic or potluck, there are plenty of tasty everyday foods that begin with the letter “e.”

  • early girl tomatoes - classic sliced tomatoes are a tasty everyday side dish; the early girl variety is a classic round red hybrid fruit readily available to home gardeners and in the supermarket
  • Eastern Carolina barbecue sauce - tangy, spicy vinegar-based barbecue sauce served over pork, beef or chicken; differs greatly from the mustard-based sauce preferred in Western North Carolina
  • egg foo young - a circle of cooked egg with vegetables mixed in; similar to an omelette though the vegetables are stirred into the egg rather than placed between two flaps
  • egg drop soup - chicken broth with wispy egg strands
  • egg rolls - fried wheat-wrapped roll stuffed with shredded cabbage paired with other vegetables or meats (chicken or pork), all shredded or cut into very small pieces
  • egg salad - concoction of chopped boiled eggs, mayonnaise and pickle relish
  • eggless mayonnaise - this everyday staple can be made without eggs
  • eggplant parmesan - rich concoction with eggplant slices, breadcrumbs, marinara sauce, cheese, and Italian spices
  • eggs - enjoy eggs many ways, including fried, scrambled and over easy
  • elbow macaroni - traditional curled noodles used in macaroni and cheese
  • enchiladas - corn tortilla wrapped around beef, cheese, chicken, or beans and covered in red or green sauce
  • English muffin - round, relatively flat bread often eaten toasted for breakfast
  • English peas - green peas often eaten on their own or combined with carrots
  • English walnuts - Tasty, nutritious walnuts from an English walnut tree; can be eaten alone or cooked in any recipe that calls for nuts
  • ensalada - spanish term for salad; typically used to describe a green salad
  • entrecote - French term for a rib eye beef steak
  • escaloped potatoes - extremely rich potato side dish featuring butter, milk and heavy cream with potatoes cut to look escaloped
  • etouffee - roux-based spicy Creole/Cajun dish featuring shrimp, crawfish or chicken in a thick sauce; served over white rice
  • extra virgin olive oil - often referred to as EVOO, this pantry staple is used in salad dressings and a wide variety of recipes
  • eye of round roast - lean beef roast, typically roasted and served sliced or prepared as a pot roast with potatoes and carrots

Exotic Foods That Start With E

Not every food that starts with the letter “e” is an item appropriate for everyday menus. If your tastes run to the gourmet or you’re particularly adventurous when it comes to culinary options, consider some of these more fancy exotic dishes that start with the letter “e.”

  • Easter pie - meat pie featured eggs, several Italian cheeses and cured meats (ham, prosciutto, salami) baked inside a pie crust; traditionally eaten on Easter Sunday in Italy
  • ecrevisse - French word for crawfish
  • edam - nutty flavored Dutch cheese with a semi-hard texture
  • edamame - immature soybeans, eating as shelled peas or in the pod
  • edible flowers - give any salad or plate an exotic flair by adding edible flowers such as nasturtiums, borage or dandelions
  • eel - seafood delicacy eaten fried, grilled or cooked into recipes
  • eggplant rollatini - baked dish featuring thin eggplant slices wrapped around seasoned ricotta cheese, then covered with marinara sauce
  • elephant garlic - mild tasting garlic with very large bulbs
  • elephant yam - tuber that grows in tropical regions that’s orange like a common yam but with a round, sort of flat shape that resembles the foot of an elephant
  • elk - wild game prized by hunters as a meat source
  • embutido - spiced meatloaf that has boiled eggs and vienna sausage pieces in it
  • emmentaler - nutty flavored Swiss cheese with a semi-hard texture
  • empanadas - delicious stuffed meat pies
  • emu - relatively low fat meat source similar in flavor to beef
  • emu eggs - pricy gourmet eggs, used in the same way as chicken eggs
  • endive - leafy green with a bitter flavor and light color; served uncooked in salad or cooked
  • epazote - herb that grows in southern Mexico and some parts of Central America; often used in cuisine of the areas where it grows
  • escabeche - fish prepared in a vinegar-based sauce that combines sweet, sour and spicy flavors
  • escargot - cooked snails, often eaten as an appetizer
  • escarole - bitter leafy green; can be served raw in salad or cooked
  • escovitch fish - fried fish topped with pickled vegetables flavored with Jamaican seasonings
  • estragon - another name for the herb tarragon; often used to season gourmet dishes or to make flavored vinegar
estragon letter e food
    estragon letter e food
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Sweet Treats That Begins With E

Whether you’ve just eaten an exotic dish that begins with the letter “e” or if you’ve enjoyed a more basic meal or snack, consider putting the finishing touches on your dining adventure with a delicious sweet treat with a name that begins with the letter “e.”

  • earl grey cookies - almond-based cookies that have earl grey tea leaves stirred into the batter
  • eccles cake - round pastry stuffed with dried fruits and candied fruit peel
  • eclair - extremely sweet pastry filled with cream and slathered with chocolate icing
  • egg cream - tasty beverage made with milk, chocolate syrup and seltzer water
  • egg custard - rich custard made of eggs, milk, sugar, and cream; can be baked on its own or in a pie crust
  • egg fruit - fruit of the Canistel tree, which grows in Mexico and parts of Central America
  • eggless brownies - bake eggless brownies vegans can eat and everyone will love
  • eggless cookies - recipes for cookies that don’t require eggs are a great sweet treat
  • eggnog - concoction of milk, egg, sugar, and nutmeg; often has whiskey stirred in
  • elderberry syrup - sweet syrup made from the fruit of elderberry trees; serve over ice cream or pancakes
  • elephant ears - fried sugar-dusted dough pieces stretched and shaped to resemble elephant ears
  • election cake - a dense, heavily spiced fruitcake traditionally served on election day in the early days of American history
  • emperor grapes - table grape commonly grown in Australia and California; often used in wine production
  • empire apples - tasty red apple variety that can be enjoyed as fresh fruit or cooked into any recipe that calls for apples
  • English butter toffee - buttery toffee candy with multiple kinds of sugar and chocolate
  • English trifle - layered dessert featuring layers of yellow cake, cream, fresh fruit, and jam
  • ensaimada - popular sweet pastry of Spanish origin
  • escalloped apples - spiced chopped apples cooked with butter, milk and raisins or dried cranberries
  • Eskimo pie - vanilla ice cream covered in a chocolate coating
  • espresso cake - a chocolate cake with espresso powder stirred into the batter
eskimo pie letter e food
    eskimo pie letter e food
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Word lists can be a lot of fun to explore. Now that you have a long list of ideas for foods that start with the letter “e,” it’s a great time to expand your food-related vocabulary. Have you invented your own recipe and want to name it with an "e" word? Find the perfect words that start with "e" on WordFinder by YourDictionary. Or, begin your exploration by discovering some descriptive words for food. From there, learn even more fun edible items with a list of foods that start with "d."