Sentence Examples

  • If a piece of bark and cortex are torn off, the occlusion takes longer, because the tissues have to creep over the exposed area of wood; and the same is true of a transverse cut severing the branch, as may be seen in any properly pruned tree.
  • Such frost-cracks, sun-cracks, &c., may then be slowly healed over by callus, but if the conditions for necrosis recur the crack may be again opened, or if Fungi, &c., interfere with occlusion, the healing is prevented; in such cases the local necrosis may give rise to cankers.
  • Chem., 18 95, 1 7, p. i), from the standpoint of the phase rule, do not favour this view, Hoitsema being of the opinion that the occlusion of hydrogen by palladium is a process of continuous absorption.
  • The first effect of fertilization is the occlusion of the trichogyne from the fertilized carpogonium.
  • It seems fairly established that when the preliminary heating process of fermentation is drawing to a close, the cotton, hay, &c., having been converted into a highly porous friable and combustible mass, may then ignite in certain circumstances by the occlusion of oxygen, just as ignition is induced by finely divided metals.

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