Sentence Examples

  • One half of the earth has therefore a greater density than the other.
  • One of the most remarkable of Airy's researches was his determination of the mean density of the earth.
  • (-268.7° C.), the density of the liquid 0.154, the critical temperature 5° abs., and the critical pressure 2.3 atmospheres (Communications from the Physical Laboratory at Leiden, No.
  • According to the law of Avogadro, equal volumes of different gases under the same conditions of temperature and pressure contain equal numbers of molecules; therefore, since the density depends upon the number of molecules present in unit volume, it follows that for a comparison of the densities of gases, the determinations must be made under coincident conditions, or the observations reduced or re-computed for coincident conditions.
  • The density of helium has been determined by Ramsay and Travers as 1.98.

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